Worried You May Lose Your Google Rankings During Your Platform Migration?

You love your new E-Commerce platform & fresh design. Will the search engines?

A platform migration is a complicated process, and far too often SEO is left at the bottom of the list of considerations during the project. We’re here to be your organic search watchdog, assuring you will have an E-Commerce store search engines will love, too.

And when you flip the switch, all your rankings and traffic will come with you!

Platform Migration for SEO

Our Process will Help You with...

Identifying Consequences of a New Design/Navigation

If you’ve redesigned your website as part of the platform migration, there may be unintended consequences from an SEO perspective. Changes in categorization, site navigation and deep linking within the site may not have been discussed during design. We’ll make sure all that built-up link juice doesn’t go down the drain.

Technical On-Site Optimization

Utilizing leading edge tools including BrightEdge and Screaming Frog, we are able to identify every URL of the website and find site-wide issues such as broken links, bad canonicals, non-secure/mixed content, duplicate tags, missing schema.org markup, etc. We will make sure your new site meets all technical requirements based on Google’s E-Commerce best practices.

Crawling & Indexing

From the moment your new store goes live, it needs to be structured in a way that search engines can easily ingest and understand your content and catalog.  We’ll validate your site’s current index of URLs and make sure none are lost post-migration.

Site Structure and Redirection

During an e-commerce migration, its likely some of your URLs will change. We’ll audit every single page of your existing site and provide 301 redirects to map the URLs for the new site. That way, you won’t lose visibility and page authority after your launch. Plus, it will prevent visitors from potentially seeing 404 errors where they used to see your products.

XML Sitemap Generation

Often overlooked, your XML sitemap may be the most important document on your website for search engines. It’s here, in conjunction with your robots.txt file, that we can tell Google and others what’s important to crawl frequently. We make sure excluded directories are not accidentally included in the sitemap. Yup, we’ve been there..

Mobile First. Mobile Friendly Optimization

The approval of website designs all too frequently happens on giant televisions in conference rooms. The fact is, 60%+ of people will be looking at your store in the palm of their hand. Google knows this too, and they heavily favor sites that provide excellent mobile experiences. We’ll check every piece of your website to make sure its mobile friendly.

Page Speed

People don’t want to wait for pages to load. In fact, it’s been proven over and over how much as little as a fraction of a second can impact conversion rates. We’ll make sure everything that goes into making a website lightning fast is in your design, and none of the things that can slow it down.

Post-Launch Audit

The best-laid plans are meaningless without execution. After your new E-Commerce store launches, we’ll make sure everything that was signed off on during development made it to the live site. We’ll crawl every page and look for anything that slipped through the cracks.

Our Platform Expertise

We have experience with all the major E-Commerce platforms on the market today. We can provide digital marketing services no matter which platform you are on. Below are the core platforms we work with.

What our Customers are Saying

Related Services

Beyond E-Commerce platform migrations, we also have expertise with digital marketing tasks. If you have questions about any of these projects, please reach out to us and ask.

Enterprise E-Commerce SEO Audits and Roadmaps

We don’t just sign you up and deliver an automated report! We identify your KPIs and Goals at the outset of the project and transfer knowledge to your team throughout the project so you’re not dependent on any 3rd party agency to implement the strategy.

PPC/SEM Management

Google, Bing, Criteo, Adroll.. We'll help you setup your paid campaigns then actively optimize them to hit your ROAS goals. Full transparency for reporting and fees.

Outsourced CMO/Strategy

Hiring a full-time CMO or Director of E-Commerce is time consuming and expensive. Take advantage of our experienced team of digital marketers to get over the growth hump.

Real Case Studies, Real Results

See how we’ve worked with our customers to reduce costs, grow their revenue, and maximize their profitability!

Tire Mart
Reduced customer acquisition costs by 64% in 90 days. Revenue grew 36%.
Motorcycle Closeouts
Increased organic traffic by 58.4% in 3 months using our SEO.Stack solution.
Peace Love World
Increased organic traffic by 600% in 1 year.
Invicta’s Online store increased its organic channel sales by 150% in one year.
Drone Nerds
Increased organic visibility by 100% in only 9 months.
Priority Tire
Increased organic traffic by 92.5% through our organic growth program.
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