Even wildly successful
E-commerce websites need to be testing.

In fact, it in part is likely what brought them their success.

Ideating and executing on A/B & Multi-variate tests can be a challenge, even for seasoned website teams.

That’s why our CRO.Stack™ was created: to assist growing E-commerce brands grow their profitability and lower their acquisition costs through winning testing programs.

Conversion Rate Improvement through A/B Testing

How Does CRO.Stack™ Work for E-Commerce Sites?

Setting Testing Baselines

We’ll help you establish the baselines for core shopping activities on your site, such as add to carts, newsletter signups, and of course, transactions.

Establish CRO Testing KPIs

Every testing program needs a target.

We’ll work with you to determine specific, acheivable KPIs that will both move the needle, and give the team a sense of accomplishment.

E-commerce Testing Platform Selection

Not every testing tool is right for every E-commerce business. Utilizing our years of experience, we’ll help you select the proper testing & measurement platform for your needs: From simple client-side JavaScript to complex server-side integrations.

Prioritize Tests Based on Need

Depending on the established baselines and KPIs, we’ll deliver a “first round” of test ideas that can be rapidly deployed to get the program underway.

Testing Measurement & Analytics

Once statistical significance is reached, we’ll provide reporting and hypotheses on what went wrong, and what went right. 

We’ll even help you implement the winning variant to production.

Testing Ideation

Once your first winners are in production, we’ll work with you to further ideate based on the hypotheses we derived earlier. Remember- You ALWAYS need to be testing.

We’ll make sure you are.

Empowerment & Knowledge Transfer

You own the tools, the plan, and the results. We’ll educate & mentor you and your team, insuring that at the end of our engagement you will be self-reliant. Confidence breeds success, and we’ll make sure you have both.

Our Platform Expertise

We have experience with all the major E-Commerce platforms on the market today. We can provide digital marketing services no matter which platform you are on. Below are the core platforms we work with.

Real World Results

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