Single Store vs OmniChannel. We've Got Your SEO Covered

Maximizing your organic  traffic is the long-term solution to higher ROI and profits. But the process can be very different if your website is your sole sales channel compared to one of many online sales channels. With over 12 years of experience, we can help you navigate these waters.

Which Type of Store Are You?

Single E-Commerce Website Channel

if your primary online sales channel is your website, our E-Commerce SEO plans are tailored for you individually. We will maximize organic traffic to your site that converts to revenue! We have expertise with the popular shopping cart platforms listed below.

E-Commerce Stores Selling on Multiple Platforms

Selling on multiple sites like ebay, Amazon & Walmart can get complex quickly. Our SEO experts can help guide you how to avoid common pitfalls including duplicate content issues, MAP pricing challenges, affiliate crossover attribution, and other issues you'll face as you grow.

Understanding Our Process

We use an Agile approach to scoping and executing our projects. 

Our process is personalized for every client, and is different based on the complexity of your sales channel strategy described above. We follow a proven methodology that has been incrementally improved over the past 14 years, resulting in unmatched flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, both in the marketplace and internally at your organization.


Website Audit

We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site, utilizing our 120+ point checklist. Competitor analysis will take place to understand performance trends and look at how each marketing channel is performing. Access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics is requested at this phase.


Keyword Research

The days of individual keyword optimization is over. Now we focus on content themes and clusters of content throughout the site. This top down approach allows us to then track groups of keyword phrases and see how they perform together. We prioritize phrases for on-page optimization as well as content marketing efforts.


Technical On-Site Optimization

Utilizing leading edge tools including BrightEdge and Screaming Frog, we are able to identify every URL of the website and find site-wide issues such as bad canonicals, non-secure/mixed content, duplicate tags, slow pages, missing markup, etc. Through data analysis, we determine strengths and weaknesses of each page, then optimize individual pages based on their priority to the business. 


Content GAP Analysis

A critical first step in the content marketing process, we first must identify which pages of the site currently rank for our targeted keyword themes, and then figure out if we need to add additional pages to the site to fill the missing gaps. Many times category pages and blog posts are the solutions to missing content themes. Our GAP analysis will identify these missing pages.


On-Site Content Writing

Content is king with SEO. In the E-Commerce world we care about having unique, descriptive content. That means no vendor product descriptions! We also focus on category pages and your blog, adding keyword rich content to these high traffic pages in order to increase long-tail search visibility. Our team of content writers are 100% USA based writers and editors, with knowledge spanning multiple industries.


Build Domain Authority

A technically optimized site with great content will get your organic traffic on an upward trend. But when it comes to very competitive industries with mature websites to compete against, it then comes down to your website’s trust and authority.  We use 100% white hat tactics to acquire inbound links from theme related sites. It’s an extremely time consuming process but it results in top rankings and explosive traffic. 


Reporting & Actionable Insights

We provide a robust set of dashboards that are available 24X7 for your team to review. Every month we review our progress with your stakeholders. Our goal is to be 100% transparent in our efforts and the results. It is critical for our joint success for us to have 360 degree feedback from you throughout the process. If our organic traffic is not resulting in more revenue for the business, we need to adapt and pivot.

Our Platform Expertise

We have experience with all the major E-Commerce platforms on the market today. We can provide digital marketing services no matter which platform you are on. Below are the core platforms we work with.

What our Clients are Saying

Related Services

Beyond the traditional organic traffic growth strategies for SEO,  we also have expertise with complimentary SEO related tasks. If you have questions about any of these projects, please reach out to us and ask.

Enterprise E-Commerce SEO Audits and Roadmaps

We don’t just sign you up and deliver an automated report! We identify your KPIs and Goals at the outset of the project, deliver technical recommendations, and transfer knowledge to your team throughout the project so you’re not dependent on any 3rd party agency to implement the strategy.

PPC/SEM Management

Google, Facebook, Bing, Criteo, Adroll.. We'll help you setup your paid campaigns then actively optimize them to hit your ROAS goals. Full transparency for KPI reporting and never any surprise with our management fees.

Outsourced CMO/Strategy

Hiring a full-time CMO or Director of E-Commerce is time consuming and expensive. Take advantage of our experienced team of digital marketers to get over the growth hump.

Real Case Studies, Real Results

See how we’ve worked with our customers to reduce costs, grow their revenue, and maximize their profitability!

Tire Mart
Reduced customer acquisition costs by 64% in 90 days. Revenue grew 36%.
Motorcycle Closeouts
Increased organic traffic by 58.4% in 3 months using our SEO.Stack solution.
Peace Love World
Increased organic traffic by 600% in 1 year.
Invicta’s Online store increased its organic channel sales by 150% in one year.
Drone Nerds
Increased organic visibility by 100% in only 9 months.
Priority Tire
Increased organic traffic by 92.5% through our organic growth program.