Analyze. Audit. Achieve.
Your Roadmap to
E-commerce SEO Success.

We don’t just sign you up and deliver an automated report! 

We identify your KPIs and Goals at the outset of the project and transfer knowledge to your team throughout the project so you’re not dependent on any 3rd party agency to implement the strategy. 

Our Proven 9 Step Audit in 3 Phases

E-commerce SEO Audit Roadmap

What You Get From Our Audit



Why are you trailing your competitors? How can you build an e-commerce site that gets found in search and converts? We will provide those answers, and peace of mind.



Knowing what can be measured, deciding which metrics will become KPIs, and then setting realistic goals are too often performance tasks overlooked with SEO projects. We’ll help determine short and long-term goals that will be measurable by everyone in your marketing team.



Not all SEO problems are created equal. Our experts will manually  rank each item that needs attention, from immediate to incremental value. With this prioritization, you can figure out if you need technical resources, or if you have to get your content team to hunker down. Fortunately, we also provide a strategy & roadmap as you’ll see below.



Where do you go from here? Based on our experience, we’ll share a roadmap of how to get the site optimized asap. What will give you the biggest bang for the buck? What will impact revenue in months, not years? We’ll answer all these questions. A roadmap will be laid out in a comprehensive and understandable document.



You own the data, the process, and the results. We’ll educate & mentor you and your team, insuring that at the end of our engagement you will be self-reliant. Confidence breeds success, and we’ll make sure you have both.

What our Clients are Saying

A perfect blend of technology, personalization, and education.

On top of utilizing technology to audit and assess your e-commerce store for areas of opportunity & issues, we’ll manually review the site and make recommendations on technical fixes as well as content strategies to boost visibility.

We’ll walk through all of the findings with you, prioritize them, and teach your team how to implement our recommendations via our strategic roadmap document.

The full audit addresses:

    • On-page and Technical SEO
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Website Accessibility
    • Security Issues
    • Website Performance
    • Red Flag Conversion Issues
SEO Audit

Our Platform Expertise

We have experience with all the major E-Commerce platforms on the market today. We can provide digital marketing services no matter which platform you are on. Below are the core platforms we work with.

Related Services

Beyond the traditional organic traffic growth strategies for SEO,  we also have expertise with complimentary SEO related tasks. If you have questions about any of these projects, please reach out to us and ask.

E-Commerce SEO Management

Maximizing your organic traffic is the long-term solution to higher ROI and profits. But the process can be very different if your website is your sole sales channel compared to one of many online sales channels. With over 12 years of experience, we can help you navigate these waters.

PPC/SEM Management

Google, Bing, Criteo, Adroll.. We'll help you setup your paid campaigns then actively optimize them to hit your ROAS goals. Full transparency for reporting and fees.

Outsourced CMO/Strategy

Hiring a full-time CMO or Director of E-Commerce is time consuming and expensive. Take advantage of our experienced team of digital marketers to get over the growth hump.

Real Case Studies, Real Results

See how we’ve worked with our customers to reduce costs, grow their revenue, and maximize their profitability!

Tire Mart
Reduced customer acquisition costs by 64% in 90 days. Revenue grew 36%.
Peace Love World
Increased organic traffic by 600% in 1 year.
Invicta’s Online store increased its organic channel sales by 150% in one year.
Drone Nerds
Increased organic visibility by 100% in only 9 months.
Priority Tire
Increased organic traffic by 92.5% through our organic growth program.