I was speaking to a client today who was so excited because he had some amazing new ideas that came to him in a dream or something…

He called me, talking 100mph…. saying he wants to

  • write engaging content
  • sharing it all over the place
  • create tangential content related to other products he sells
  • and maybe trying to do PR to promote it?
  • Then maybe add a Youtube video, IG story
  • a blog post
  • create a new category on his site to group products related to it….

I was exhausted just listening to him. It was way too early in the morning for this conversation.

If you’re a marketing decision maker for your business, I bet you have been inspired to take action like this..

And while you think you’re kicking ass and making amazing strides forwards, the reality is you’re probably going to end up with unsatisfying results.

The Problem

The problem is: when you act sporadically, you get sporadic results.

In order to get the outcome you’re looking for, you need to think strategically and act strategically. 

This is so critical in all types of marketing efforts, but more so when we’re talking about SEO.

Since SEO is a long-term play, these short sprints may feel like you’re going to see sales spike, the sporadic nature of the work will end up resulting in disappointing results… 

…resulting in more frustration with SEO

…resulting in you throwing up your hands and giving up on SEO

…resulting in you becoming more reliant or lower margin channels like paid ads

I feel your pain. But SEO doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence.

The Solution

Putting in place a well thought out strategic plan, based on the unique circumstances of your website, can result in organic revenue growth that not only rivals paid channels, but exceeds it.

Ok, so how can you move the needle here yourself?

It starts with you, the owner or CEO of the business investing in some education.

My team has created a program exclusively for eCommerce managers that takes our 13 years of SEO experience and boils it down to a 9 step process.

The result is, you gain the knowledge and most importantly, the confidence to invest in your SEO channel

…in a strategic way, not a sporadic way..

A way that finally allows you to establish metrics, set goals, and forecast results that are not just guesses or hopes and dreams.

If you think this is valuable for you, contact me at training@seo4anyone.com and we can start a conversation.

And as we say at seo4anyone, “Get Ranked or Get Spanked

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