HINT: If you really want to light the used equipment industry on fire, ask us how we are leveraging Facebook’s machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms right now!

We are now offering custom marketing packages that are designed for pre-owned construction equipment dealers, agriculture equipment dealers, and manufacturing equipment dealers.

These services capitalize on the knowledge that we have built up and our ability to sell expensive machinery for you effectively. Our team is filled with industry journeymen that each have 15+ years of experience in online marketing.

Building on of some of our largest successes, we are now offering a specialized package of marketing services that is ideal for used equipment dealers.

marketing services for construction

Who is a Good Fit?

Our solution is optimized for specific types of equipment dealers and their inventory. A partial list is below:

  • Pre-Owned Construction Equipment Dealers
  • Agricultural Equipment Dealers
  • Production & Manufacturing Equipment
  • Other Dealers

Please note: We are not currently able to accept any new clients that deal in used packaging, food processing, bottling equipment, or a handful of other types that are closely related. If you have a great company in a great niche we may be willing to offer you exclusivity as well!

Our Recommended Starter Package for Equipment Dealers

What marketing services do we recommend for most used equipment dealers? Getting this formula right is the key to your success. We usually start with some combo of these 3 elements:


We charge a monthly fee to manage your paid ads and this is separate from the advertising budget. Paid search ads can bring immediate targeted traffic to your website. We aim to optimize your campaigns to lower your cost/lead and increase your ROI.

Email Marketing

This is often the biggest missing piece of the marketing puzzle for equipment dealers. Again, we charge a monthly fee to manage your email program. This normally includes putting together 1-2 email blasts each month and managing campaigns to grow your email list.

Basic SEO

This includes making sure that your local Google profile is in order and basic SEO elements are covered. This does not include link building or large amounts of on-site optimization work. If it is needed or desired, we recommend more SEO services.


You can get started for as low as $1,000 per month.

We provide a Starter Plan for PPC, email, or SEO at that price. If you do PPC, keep in mind the $995 does not include the advertising spend you pay directly to Google or Facebook.

Our Intermediate Plan is customized to your business, and starts at $1,950/month. This plan includes some combination of the 3 services, depending on which makes the most sense for your business.

For the highest revenue impact for your business, we offer an Aggressive Plan. This plan include all 3 services with ongoing strategic planning included. These plans come in at $2,950/month and are personalized for your needs.

Starter Plan

Start getting results with a limited budget
$ 995 /Month
  • We select 1 of these services which will have the maximum impact on sales.
  • PPC Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

Intermediate Plan

Combine marketing services to kickstart sales
$ 1,950 /Month
  • A combination of the services list below to generate sales from multiple channels.
  • PPC Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

Aggressive Plan

Maximize your sales growth in the shortest time
$ 2,950 /Month
  • All 3 services are integrated for fastest growth.
  • PPC Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

Real World Results

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