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What is Content Valley, USA? The valley is both entertainment and artwork, as well as reference material for content strategy generation. This was made in-house by our team here are seo4anyone. It represents a rough visualization of part of our content strategy formulation process.

The valley centers around the different types of blog content that we see as “go-to” content strategies for e-commerce blogs. These are: skyscraper blogs, pillar + cluster strategies, episodic content, link magnets, and finally, we put product testing, comparisons and reviews into one category.

Not all content strategies are created equal. Getting the formula right is the key to the success of your content strategy. Understanding what type of blog you want to write and why you want to write it will help to understand exactly what to write and how you should write it.

So how can you find your way through Content Valley? How can you decide where to start generating a content strategy? Either through experience or with a great roadmap! 

Take a moment to enjoy the full resolution version of our Content Valley, USA roadmap by clicking on the link below the image at the top. See if you can find Mr Beast’s cave, The Myspace Ghost Town, or the Infoseek ruins!

You can also read more about Content Valley, find the full resolution version of the map and more materials at our permanent Content Valley, USA page here.


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