Wondering if it is worth is to pay for an SEO audit? Here are 5 reasons to consider paying for an e-commerce SEO audit.

The internet has an abundance of free seo audit sources, so why should you even consider paying money for an SEO audit? It’s all about making money. You will see stronger improvements from a premium website audit if you are in the right scenario.

Stronger Improvements

Metrics like organic website visitors and sales are more likely to increase, and the potential increases that you can see should be much greater. It is tempting to say that there is a higher ROI from a paid audit than a free audit, but the ROI on something that is free is infinite so we suspect this might get noticed.

Why so much better? This is because of some of the reasons that you see in the sections below. You simply just get more. You get more recommendations, you get better recommendations, and you get a higher level of involvement from the team.

Depth and Usefulness of Recommendations

A free audit often won’t have any recommendations at all beyond the lists of broken links and optimization issues.The free audit will have an automated report and this will usually have a range of issues that are detected by the software. You shouldn’t expect a real person to go through your site and look for issues and you shouldn’t expect a team to gather in order to discuss your website together and discuss recommendations.

Experience of the Team

Knowing what to prioritize is not something that you can simply read about online. This comes from experience, knowing what works, and knowing what has the biggest impact on search results.

An experienced team is going to charge more money. Why? Their services are worth it. At the same time… THEY CAN!

Free Audits Do Not Help Build Your Website Business

A free audit will do the following: help avert disasters, help your website achieve it’s potential. This is much different than building onto the foundation of your business and growing your website’s scope. When you pay for a premium enterprise-level audit,  one of the purposes is to figure out how to steer your business in the right direction. Which building blocks should you put into place and what should your building look like? This is much different than asking what is wrong with a building and getting a report about cracks in the walls and stains on the carpet.

This is Where New Starts Begin

If a new marketing manager comes on board and is tasked with revamping the website and marketing program, this is a logical place to start. Sometimes this is simply just what your stakeholders expect and paying for a premium audit is done because it is a prudent step to take.

Who Pays? Whether you are a business owner, a new marketing manager, or an e-commerce investor, you might find yourself in a place where you need to hire an agency for an SEO audit. The most important things to consider are the experience and depth of the team, and the amount of time that they will put into the audit. This is what also will drive the price in most cases, with the most experienced agencies charging the most.

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